Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Alette Designs

Here in Sunny Palm Beach County of Florida

Alette Designs Fine Jewelry ~ Artistic Love & Attention with Fun, Sun, & Artistic Talent Join as One ~ In The Sunshine State of Sunny Florida!
Artist/ Designer Cindy Alette Casper, SRAJD # 1149, SRA# A 42

I'm Back & Bring Everyone Up to Speed!

Well to bring everyone up to speed and the hiatus that has been, due to One Medical Set Backs after another, I could go on in detail, but to be honest ~ its would be a Real Debbie Downer, as some would say, or that OMG, you Poor thing! ~ So in the positive Flow we will leave it there! 

One thing I do know that nothing never happens for No Reason! There is Growth in one form or another! Not sure how yet or if I'm looking into it all a Bit too Deep, But I do understand such as nothing never happens just because! So.. I'll figure it out some Day....

Well on the Positive Flow of things ~ I've been working towards progress! Slowly but Surly & Thankfully in the positive direction!

Getting back into the Flow and will post Photo's of Newest happenings! I've done the On-line Shops with being One of many ~ Well its easy to get lost as One of Many and getting no where other than spinning of the Wheels! So I'm going to do the In Person & Friendly Scene! I'm a talker which many who know me would readily agree with, I'm a Lover not a Fighter, and would readily be at your side in the time of Need or one to listen, so with that said, its a Start in the Positive Direction & Flow ~ So YES ~ I'm going to be doing the Sidewalk Sale @ Local Strip Mall ~ I'll be taking Photo's and let you know how things turn out!

Wish me Luck! I'll let you know how things Flow!
Cyber Hugs to All & Gods Blessings

Friday, March 9, 2012

Why I've Been MIA!

Where I've been & whats been going on in My Life Lately! Well to Put it as I have in the Past, I've being a FROG again! Bouncing my Back End off the Ground! Having some Set Backs! ~ But just another Hiccup in Life as I call it!

Sorry to first be Saying Hello as its been a Bit of a While, but as I like to say better late than not at all!

Been thru a Lot since the Beginning of the Year so to say the least..I Could go into Detail, but will cut thru all the Meat & Get to the Bones of the situation!

I had been in & Out of the Hospital Gosh too Many Times to Tell You! But its been because of &  ~ Due to Back Issues!

Well they found out I had a Bad infection due to Pain Pump I had Installed hoping & Dreaming to get a Hold of my Life to be able to get Actively involved in Volunteering within Hospice~ As the 1st Hospice I became involved in is Vistas, which is where they Hold there Home Headquarters! They're a Wonderful Hospice to be involved within, and was so looking forward to the Possibility of becoming Active within Again! Instead what has happened well it was a Terrible MESS! I had a Terrible Infected & Also had Developed a Cyst on my Spinal Cord!! Which had compressed my Spinal Cord ~ due to such!

Before Surgery I asked the Doctor the Scary Question if I was going to be Paralyzed & was told by my Surgeon, he was not sure if I would ever be able to walk again. ~ He told me this before Surgery. He said Since I could not move my one Leg and was starting to effect my other Leg. He was not sure if I would be Paralyzed or to what extent things would be!
Well I have movement & NOW ~ Well "LOTS of PT"!

Was not sure if I would walk Ever Again, but with the Strength of God and Prays which I believe do always Help even if its just One! Its has Helped and am SO Blessed!

So Now you know why I've been MIA, Spine Surgery and Surgeon still isn't sure if I'll be able to walk again as before! So Long Road to Recovery!

My View of the Beginning of this Year is Now I got the Bad Juju out of My Life in the Beginning of the Year all at Once! Now the Rest its Smooth Sailing, The Way for the Rest of the Year and the Rest is a Coaster for Recovery & Strength!

Wishing you the Best New Year and A Happy, Healthy & Prosperous New Year!
Gods Blessing and Best Wishes! ~ Cindy Alette ~ From Alette Designs

Friday, February 17, 2012

Some past health Issues had set me back again Including ~ Other changes so I'll bring you up to Speed!

Taking things Slow but never the Less Enjoying my Art and all the Different Friends I've met along the Way!

Here is the latest News!

Cindy Alette of Alette Designs/ Jewelry Designer / Craftier / Photographer ~ SRAJD & SRA

I Consider Myself A Artist of One who Designs My Own Jewelry & Crafts my Art as Well! Nothing Massed Produced! When it comes to my Jewelry Designs! Thru-out the Years, we are all influences by other Art work and Crafts we have see, however my Work I design myself as well as Craft Myself!

I'm a Jewelry Artist As well A "Scenic Photographer" of Nature & Its Natural Beauty! Scenic Pictures Taken Mainly within the Ozark Area and All the Beauty of Nature ~ which is Plentiful ~ As Arkansas is Known as the Natural State as we have Lived within the Ozark Mountains!

The People who Reside within this State are wonderfully Friendly; ~ as I've given the people ~ The Nick Name of “Arkansas Love”, as their Smile and Kind Demeanor as such ~ “It's Infectious”, as that is what & why I've given such the Name of the People of Arkansas ~ As “Arkansas Love”! Their Kind Smile and Friendly ways are Well ~ “ Infectious” It's “Arkansas Love”!

We have recently Moved to the Sub Tropic Southern Side of Southern Florida, which is known as the “Sun Shine State”! Beauty Abound! Sun, Sand, Surf, about 10 Minutes from the Atlantic Ocean, and Oh So Beautiful!

A Cultural Mix of People ~ friendly as well! Sometimes we have Language Barrier but we get our Points across with Friendly Smiles! As the Diversity is Beautiful ~ These changes we are Experiencing we adjusting to and enjoying as well the Beauty around!

Just a Tidbit of Information and a Update as well! Thats All!

Cyber Hugs to all w/ Gods Blessing Cindy Alette ~ aka Alette of Alette Designs!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Soldering Sterling Silver Jewelry Update Supplies Needed

Well I have received all my Supplies I've been waiting for, and my cold or Allergy's are all good!

Please Join in and share your experience * Pictures * and how things have or had Proceeded with your Soldering Experience. Let everyone know about your Experience ~ I've Posting the Listed Supplies you will need to be able to have Items you need! I'll be letting you know how things proceed, with my Practice and will be Posting Info about my Experience as well I will be including Pictures~ If I feel I've I can share some info by better Showing a Video Post I will do So ~ As this is a Learning Curve I'm sharing! I'll be Taking Pictures for Now.

I've checked and believe I have everything I need~ Now just to get past the WHAT IF'S! This should be interesting! Watch * Learn * & Share with my What you think~ If this is Helpful! If you know of Links where you have found some wonderfully helpful Advise when it Comes to Soldering.

Or share what was your Ahhh Moment that made it all~So Easily understandable in Soldering your Jewelry Designs! Your own skill in Soldering of Jewelry ~ I know of Many talented Artist! I've read Some of the Best of the Best Book with wonderful writings and have dabbled with soldering, but my wish to become efficient in being able to Solder at the Least Jump Rings, and my wish is to become accomplished enough to be able to Design Some Beautiful Filigree Jewelry! Which involves Much Talent ~ So come and Learn or Share with Us ~ Share your Talent with us as we all Learn ~ As with All Artist we Learn and Advance our skills by Sharing.

If someone See's I might be making a Mistake or have taken Extra Steps that are not Needed, Please Feel Free to Post about Such! As this will be interesting Work in Progress!

I'm going to be experimenting with Silver Solder Wire "Easy Flow" for Soldering at lower Temperatures ~ Silver Solder Paste ~ Argentinian Sterling Silver Wire, including Fine Grade Sterling Silver~ I will be Posting my Experience or as I can put it, what I learned when using each application.

Soldering Supplies Needed & A Well OK A Bit Extra:

Pickle pot, Little Dipper™ by Crock Pot®, ceramic/metal/plastic, 4-1/4x2-1/2 inch inside diameter, 16-oz capacity ~ http://www.firemountaingems.com/details.asp?pn=H203450TL Used to heat Pickle Rinse to 140 Degrees.

Pickle compound, ~ http://www.firemountaingems.com/details.asp?pn=H204549BS A sodium acid sulfate, niter cake and sodium hydrogen sulfate, for non-ferrous metals. Sold per 2-1/2 pound pkg ~ You mix with Water, and Store in Pickle Pot for what I understand not past 2 weeks. Mix only what is Needed. Also since this is a Acid Base Product you will need to make sure you follow Proper Disposal of Such as required within your Area. {Per EPA Standards}

Copper Tongs ~ http://www.firemountaingems.com/details.asp?pn=H203468TLUsingUsing Only Copper Tongs within Pickle Rinse, any other Metal will Contaminate your Pickle Rinse. Which I understand if using to Clean and Rinse Sterling Silver the Metal and your Rinse is contaminated it will become adhered to your Metal you are cleaning! If you cross contaminate you will need to discard your Pickle Rinse and Clean Pickle Pot as well per instructions And Start again with a Clean Pot and New Pickle Mixture.

Steel Heat Resistant Tweezers with Fiber Grip. http://www.firemountaingems.com/details.asp?pn=H203472TL  I Love these Tweezers as they are wonderful in they have Reverse Grip. Which means you don’t have to continually apply pressure in holding the Solder Piece in place.

Self-pickling flux for soldering, boric acid, aluminum chloride and sodium tetra borate, temperature range 1100°-1700° Fahrenheit. Sold per 16-ounce bottle ~ http://www.firemountaingems.com/details.asp?pn=H204547BS Purchased to see the Difference with using this Self Pickling Flux as compared with using Pickle Pot.

Titanium Solder Pick ~ http://www.firemountaingems.com/details.asp?pn=H203448TL I chose this Set: To assign with different Metals, as these are Non Stick Titanium Pick: Also we Must always have to make sure we don’t contaminate from One Metal to Another ~ So for this, its the Perfect Set ~ red/blue/yellow, 6-1/2 inches with non-stick tips. Sold per 3-piece set

Shear, metal sheet cutter, steel, 18 gauge, cuts up to 1mm thickness, 7 inches. Sold individually. http://www.firemountaingems.com/details.asp?pn=H203445TL

Preparing To Solder and Items Needs to Clean After Solder

Fine steel wire brush, 8-1/4x5/8 inches. Local Hardware Store ~
Steel Files
Steel Wool
Fine Grade Sand Paper
Available in your Local Store / Car Paint Department.

Solder wire, 65% silver, easy, 0.5mm (24 gauge). Sold per pkg of 5 feet. ~ http://www.firemountaingems.com/details.asp?pn=H204597BS

Fine Sterling Silver Wire

Argentinean Sterling Silver Wire ~ You supposedly need Little to No Flux As this Specialized Sterling Silver is Resistant, not to just Tarnish but Fire Scale ~ Will be interesting too See Results!

Silver solder paste with flux, easy flow. Sold per 1/2 ounce tube ~ http://www.firemountaingems.com/details.asp?pn=H201733TL

Safety glasses, plastic, for use while firing with kiln and torches. http://www.firemountaingems.com/details.asp?PN=H203282TL

Soldering Fire block http://www.firemountaingems.com/details.asp?PN=H203068TL I've also chosen to use a Ceramic Tile below Soldering Block.

Micro Torch, Butane Torch ~ http://www.firemountaingems.com/details.asp?PN=H203047TL I purchased mine from Local Store ~ Within the Hardware Department. Refillable canisters which will be found within this Same Area or Smoking section.

Once I accomplish this step in using the Micro Torch, or Feel Comfortable enough to go Forward I will ~ Move onto Propane Torch. As I'm Taking Small Baby Steps!

NOTE: VERY IMPORTANT! ~ REMEMBER WHICH EVER TOOLS ITEMS Used for Sterling Silver You Use Only For Such!~: No Cross Contamination of Using same File Sand Paper with Another Metal as this will Cause Contamination! This Not only includes Pickle but also that of Files Sand Papers and Brushes! Also you can Only use Copper Tongs in  Pickle. No Other!

Progress Report & Pictures to Come!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Soldering Sterling Silver Jewelry and More!

I’m hoping to get past my Fear in messing things up Bad! To get past this what if! To become efficient in Sterling Silver Metalsmithing & Fabricating. Giving my Jewelry A Finished Professional At the Same time Helping other Artist see they're One of Many with regards to That What if.... 

Expanding my Love of Handcrafting Jewelry Designs & Hoping to Help other Artist Get Past the Same Obstacle I have blocking another Creative Avenue! Giving Artist & myself the Ability to share this Experience at the Same time being able to get  Give my Jewelry That Finished Professional Look.. 

Necklace / Bracelets including SS Extension, with Fine SS Small Tag connector. Used with Sterling Silver I wish to solder SS Chain connector close. To give it a More Finished / Professional look with SS Chain. Also how you prevent Fire Scale Damage during Soldering Process?

I've Read Books on this issues. By Some very Talented & Well known Artist ~ Lexi Erickson ~ Tim McCreight, & Info by another Metalsmith Instructor as well Charles Lewton-Brain all Very Talented Artist that were at the Forefront in sharing their Craft & Skill in the Art of Metalsmithing!

Sure its one of those things ~ The intimidation of Soldering Not wanting to Damage SS Connectors of Worst Just Melting it all to Liquid before I realise I went way Overboard before I knew it! ~

Items Needed: To Start Soldering 
Handheld Tech-Torch Refillable Not to mention Cost Friendly
Full Set Up of Oxygen / Gas
Fine Sterling Silver w/ adding of Flux Paste?
Premixed Silver w/ Flux Paste, Making Fine Applications a Breeze

Heat Resistant Ceramic Tile Plate
Safety Glass
Dust Mask
Titanium Pick
Fine Sterling Silver 
Flux Paste
Low Temp Silver Flux Paste Premixed
Paint Brush
Stainless Steel Reverse Tension Tweezers with Heat Resistance Pads
Copper Tongs
Pickle Pot Heater & Pickle for Quenching

Which Soldering Combination do You Prefer?

Also how is it that Others prevent SS Chain from receiving Fire Scale? Or Worse Sterling Silver area in which I'm wishing to Solder becomes a Liquefied Mess~ This is what keep Me Pondering ~ As Oprah would Say one of those Ahh Moments ~ But my Ahhhh is What if!

So I ask those who are Seasoned Metalsmith Artists ~ Having Experience Soldering Jewelry & Including Use of Sterling Silver Solder ~ Please Share your Learning Curve with Me & Others!

I ask for HELP!!!! Any extra Helpful Learning Curves Greatly Appreciated~
I'm Request Help Asking Artists from Near & Far to Share their Tidbit of Information ~ that was their Ahhh Moment ~ That Helped them see there is Nothing to it! But its getting Past that What IF!

Once they seen ~ Just how Easy Soldering IS ~ & with All the Possibilities at hand to Create that Special Piece of Art with The Owner whose name was Sealed at that Time the Design was Complete! ~ Little do we always Realise Just who that Special Piece of Art was waiting for it Special Owner to walk by /Stop by and see its their Yin & Yang it was Just what they Where Looking For! At the Same time the Artist Sharing a Special Bit of Themselves thru their Creative Process!

Please Share Your Ahhhhhhh Moments that Helped you to Over Come the Same Situation I'm facing! I will be Sharing Pictures and letting you all know how things turn Out!...

~ Wishing You & Yours A Wonderful Holiday ~
~ Merry Christmas & Prosperous New Year ~

Cyber Hugs to All ~ Cindy

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Seasons Hottest Trends

Hello My Friends

I decided to Post some Pictures of my Jewelry Designs from My TwitPic Account!

No I've not gotten back up to speed completely with regards to my recovery from my Back Issues, not just yet but, getting better!

As always and with the Love we all have in Quality Handcrafted Jewelry Designs, I figured I share some of my Past Handcrafted Jewelry. As well I wish to mention some Important information we can sometime forget to point out and at the Same time help our Customer make a more informed Choice! To that Must have accessory weather it be a Christmas Gift a Husband is Shopping for or your One of Your Regular Customer Let them know you have the Latest & Hottest Facts in Fashion Industry.

With the Ever Evolving & Continued Educational need to expand Our knowledge within the Jewelry Designs Industries, and as we all know, it's includes the need to keep up to speed on the Latest and Hottest Colors Trends of the Season within the Fashion Industry.

~What’s the BOMB! ~

That must have Accessory that Meld Together So Beautifully ~ it’s being able to help your target Customer make a More Informed Decision!

It's not just in part the Hottest Color's of the Season, but also the Latest Trends & Styles ~ The Must have Hottest Design Trend! ~ So with that Said, with seeing the Wonderful Colors, walking on the Red Carpet, watching American Music Awards in Nov. ~ The Country Music Awards, along with other Red Carpet Events! Fashion Shows ~ its where the Trend Setters & Top Fashion are seen!

The Colors that are HOT HOT HOT....Above and beyond all other Colors of the Season ~ what the HOT COLOR ~ It the Soft Muted Natural Pastel Light Blue Grey ~ w Formal Dress that’s / Flowing Floor Length Glamour of Yesteryear's Standout among all the Rest!
Stood out Above the Black Formal.

For the Fun Loving Day Colors its Wonderfully Bold Colors to express every Girls Inner Child!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Starting a New Direction

Starting a New Direction

I will be keeping the Blog title and If someone is looking for something I might have do let me know. I've meet some very wonderful Individual Not to Mention some Awesome Artist as Well! Those of you know just who you are too!

As a Artist, or at least I think so, I can Say its always been a Joy to either talk with a Beading Buddy, a Fellow Artist who has the same passion within their own Field or that of A New emerging Display of Talent! I always enjoy the emails as well some Excellently Talented Artist! & Those I talk of Know who I'm talking about! That somehow always WOW ME with their talent! I say that not to impress some but to let them & Others know and those I've either have had as a Featured Artist or Asked to be its because they hold the Same Standards I've always strive to Do Myself! In Honor of doing the Right thing! Supporting the Talent of Someone who more than deserves Such! Those who share the Same Passion, Those who Exceed and Excel within their Craft! Those who know whats of Importance and the Standard we as Artist Should Always Remember!  Without the True Support of Other we will Fail. Without the Honor of supporting the Artist who's more than deserving, not being worried that by Supporting Another Artist is Going to take away from yourself, but that of what we as a Whole do together in support of One Another All for the Love of the Art and the Truth of what its all about! Talent, Support, Continuing to Develop and Grow, to Give those Deserving the Acknowledgement for their devotion, after all I'm sure you or someone you know would be deserving Since We all learned somewhere along the line!

Whether it was as with myself my 1st inspiration can from the Creatively Talented side of My Family and Passed on the Key's to the Love of Art and the Understanding of what its all about! It All About the Support of the Art since it was such that someone inspired us Somewhere!

To All those who Share the Same Passion as I, All for the Love of the Art!

When my headaches calm Down as I've been told that this can happen after spinal Surgery and with the Complication I also had afterwards. Who knows!

But I wish you all Well as you'll see me every Now and then but I will keep up on all as Continued Education is a Must!

Cindy Alette

Alette Designs Jewerly

Alette Designs S.S. Jewelry