Friday, February 17, 2012

Some past health Issues had set me back again Including ~ Other changes so I'll bring you up to Speed!

Taking things Slow but never the Less Enjoying my Art and all the Different Friends I've met along the Way!

Here is the latest News!

Cindy Alette of Alette Designs/ Jewelry Designer / Craftier / Photographer ~ SRAJD & SRA

I Consider Myself A Artist of One who Designs My Own Jewelry & Crafts my Art as Well! Nothing Massed Produced! When it comes to my Jewelry Designs! Thru-out the Years, we are all influences by other Art work and Crafts we have see, however my Work I design myself as well as Craft Myself!

I'm a Jewelry Artist As well A "Scenic Photographer" of Nature & Its Natural Beauty! Scenic Pictures Taken Mainly within the Ozark Area and All the Beauty of Nature ~ which is Plentiful ~ As Arkansas is Known as the Natural State as we have Lived within the Ozark Mountains!

The People who Reside within this State are wonderfully Friendly; ~ as I've given the people ~ The Nick Name of “Arkansas Love”, as their Smile and Kind Demeanor as such ~ “It's Infectious”, as that is what & why I've given such the Name of the People of Arkansas ~ As “Arkansas Love”! Their Kind Smile and Friendly ways are Well ~ “ Infectious” It's “Arkansas Love”!

We have recently Moved to the Sub Tropic Southern Side of Southern Florida, which is known as the “Sun Shine State”! Beauty Abound! Sun, Sand, Surf, about 10 Minutes from the Atlantic Ocean, and Oh So Beautiful!

A Cultural Mix of People ~ friendly as well! Sometimes we have Language Barrier but we get our Points across with Friendly Smiles! As the Diversity is Beautiful ~ These changes we are Experiencing we adjusting to and enjoying as well the Beauty around!

Just a Tidbit of Information and a Update as well! Thats All!

Cyber Hugs to all w/ Gods Blessing Cindy Alette ~ aka Alette of Alette Designs!

Alette Designs Jewerly

Alette Designs S.S. Jewelry