Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Alette Designs

Here in Sunny Palm Beach County of Florida

Alette Designs Fine Jewelry ~ Artistic Love & Attention with Fun, Sun, & Artistic Talent Join as One ~ In The Sunshine State of Sunny Florida!
Artist/ Designer Cindy Alette Casper, SRAJD # 1149, SRA# A 42

I'm Back & Bring Everyone Up to Speed!

Well to bring everyone up to speed and the hiatus that has been, due to One Medical Set Backs after another, I could go on in detail, but to be honest ~ its would be a Real Debbie Downer, as some would say, or that OMG, you Poor thing! ~ So in the positive Flow we will leave it there! 

One thing I do know that nothing never happens for No Reason! There is Growth in one form or another! Not sure how yet or if I'm looking into it all a Bit too Deep, But I do understand such as nothing never happens just because! So.. I'll figure it out some Day....

Well on the Positive Flow of things ~ I've been working towards progress! Slowly but Surly & Thankfully in the positive direction!

Getting back into the Flow and will post Photo's of Newest happenings! I've done the On-line Shops with being One of many ~ Well its easy to get lost as One of Many and getting no where other than spinning of the Wheels! So I'm going to do the In Person & Friendly Scene! I'm a talker which many who know me would readily agree with, I'm a Lover not a Fighter, and would readily be at your side in the time of Need or one to listen, so with that said, its a Start in the Positive Direction & Flow ~ So YES ~ I'm going to be doing the Sidewalk Sale @ Local Strip Mall ~ I'll be taking Photo's and let you know how things turn out!

Wish me Luck! I'll let you know how things Flow!
Cyber Hugs to All & Gods Blessings

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