Saturday, January 2, 2010

Starting a New Direction

Starting a New Direction

I will be keeping the Blog title and If someone is looking for something I might have do let me know. I've meet some very wonderful Individual Not to Mention some Awesome Artist as Well! Those of you know just who you are too!

As a Artist, or at least I think so, I can Say its always been a Joy to either talk with a Beading Buddy, a Fellow Artist who has the same passion within their own Field or that of A New emerging Display of Talent! I always enjoy the emails as well some Excellently Talented Artist! & Those I talk of Know who I'm talking about! That somehow always WOW ME with their talent! I say that not to impress some but to let them & Others know and those I've either have had as a Featured Artist or Asked to be its because they hold the Same Standards I've always strive to Do Myself! In Honor of doing the Right thing! Supporting the Talent of Someone who more than deserves Such! Those who share the Same Passion, Those who Exceed and Excel within their Craft! Those who know whats of Importance and the Standard we as Artist Should Always Remember!  Without the True Support of Other we will Fail. Without the Honor of supporting the Artist who's more than deserving, not being worried that by Supporting Another Artist is Going to take away from yourself, but that of what we as a Whole do together in support of One Another All for the Love of the Art and the Truth of what its all about! Talent, Support, Continuing to Develop and Grow, to Give those Deserving the Acknowledgement for their devotion, after all I'm sure you or someone you know would be deserving Since We all learned somewhere along the line!

Whether it was as with myself my 1st inspiration can from the Creatively Talented side of My Family and Passed on the Key's to the Love of Art and the Understanding of what its all about! It All About the Support of the Art since it was such that someone inspired us Somewhere!

To All those who Share the Same Passion as I, All for the Love of the Art!

When my headaches calm Down as I've been told that this can happen after spinal Surgery and with the Complication I also had afterwards. Who knows!

But I wish you all Well as you'll see me every Now and then but I will keep up on all as Continued Education is a Must!

Cindy Alette

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