Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Soldering Sterling Silver Jewelry and More!

I’m hoping to get past my Fear in messing things up Bad! To get past this what if! To become efficient in Sterling Silver Metalsmithing & Fabricating. Giving my Jewelry A Finished Professional At the Same time Helping other Artist see they're One of Many with regards to That What if.... 

Expanding my Love of Handcrafting Jewelry Designs & Hoping to Help other Artist Get Past the Same Obstacle I have blocking another Creative Avenue! Giving Artist & myself the Ability to share this Experience at the Same time being able to get  Give my Jewelry That Finished Professional Look.. 

Necklace / Bracelets including SS Extension, with Fine SS Small Tag connector. Used with Sterling Silver I wish to solder SS Chain connector close. To give it a More Finished / Professional look with SS Chain. Also how you prevent Fire Scale Damage during Soldering Process?

I've Read Books on this issues. By Some very Talented & Well known Artist ~ Lexi Erickson ~ Tim McCreight, & Info by another Metalsmith Instructor as well Charles Lewton-Brain all Very Talented Artist that were at the Forefront in sharing their Craft & Skill in the Art of Metalsmithing!

Sure its one of those things ~ The intimidation of Soldering Not wanting to Damage SS Connectors of Worst Just Melting it all to Liquid before I realise I went way Overboard before I knew it! ~

Items Needed: To Start Soldering 
Handheld Tech-Torch Refillable Not to mention Cost Friendly
Full Set Up of Oxygen / Gas
Fine Sterling Silver w/ adding of Flux Paste?
Premixed Silver w/ Flux Paste, Making Fine Applications a Breeze

Heat Resistant Ceramic Tile Plate
Safety Glass
Dust Mask
Titanium Pick
Fine Sterling Silver 
Flux Paste
Low Temp Silver Flux Paste Premixed
Paint Brush
Stainless Steel Reverse Tension Tweezers with Heat Resistance Pads
Copper Tongs
Pickle Pot Heater & Pickle for Quenching

Which Soldering Combination do You Prefer?

Also how is it that Others prevent SS Chain from receiving Fire Scale? Or Worse Sterling Silver area in which I'm wishing to Solder becomes a Liquefied Mess~ This is what keep Me Pondering ~ As Oprah would Say one of those Ahh Moments ~ But my Ahhhh is What if!

So I ask those who are Seasoned Metalsmith Artists ~ Having Experience Soldering Jewelry & Including Use of Sterling Silver Solder ~ Please Share your Learning Curve with Me & Others!

I ask for HELP!!!! Any extra Helpful Learning Curves Greatly Appreciated~
I'm Request Help Asking Artists from Near & Far to Share their Tidbit of Information ~ that was their Ahhh Moment ~ That Helped them see there is Nothing to it! But its getting Past that What IF!

Once they seen ~ Just how Easy Soldering IS ~ & with All the Possibilities at hand to Create that Special Piece of Art with The Owner whose name was Sealed at that Time the Design was Complete! ~ Little do we always Realise Just who that Special Piece of Art was waiting for it Special Owner to walk by /Stop by and see its their Yin & Yang it was Just what they Where Looking For! At the Same time the Artist Sharing a Special Bit of Themselves thru their Creative Process!

Please Share Your Ahhhhhhh Moments that Helped you to Over Come the Same Situation I'm facing! I will be Sharing Pictures and letting you all know how things turn Out!...

~ Wishing You & Yours A Wonderful Holiday ~
~ Merry Christmas & Prosperous New Year ~

Cyber Hugs to All ~ Cindy

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