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Soldering Sterling Silver Jewelry Update Supplies Needed

Well I have received all my Supplies I've been waiting for, and my cold or Allergy's are all good!

Please Join in and share your experience * Pictures * and how things have or had Proceeded with your Soldering Experience. Let everyone know about your Experience ~ I've Posting the Listed Supplies you will need to be able to have Items you need! I'll be letting you know how things proceed, with my Practice and will be Posting Info about my Experience as well I will be including Pictures~ If I feel I've I can share some info by better Showing a Video Post I will do So ~ As this is a Learning Curve I'm sharing! I'll be Taking Pictures for Now.

I've checked and believe I have everything I need~ Now just to get past the WHAT IF'S! This should be interesting! Watch * Learn * & Share with my What you think~ If this is Helpful! If you know of Links where you have found some wonderfully helpful Advise when it Comes to Soldering.

Or share what was your Ahhh Moment that made it all~So Easily understandable in Soldering your Jewelry Designs! Your own skill in Soldering of Jewelry ~ I know of Many talented Artist! I've read Some of the Best of the Best Book with wonderful writings and have dabbled with soldering, but my wish to become efficient in being able to Solder at the Least Jump Rings, and my wish is to become accomplished enough to be able to Design Some Beautiful Filigree Jewelry! Which involves Much Talent ~ So come and Learn or Share with Us ~ Share your Talent with us as we all Learn ~ As with All Artist we Learn and Advance our skills by Sharing.

If someone See's I might be making a Mistake or have taken Extra Steps that are not Needed, Please Feel Free to Post about Such! As this will be interesting Work in Progress!

I'm going to be experimenting with Silver Solder Wire "Easy Flow" for Soldering at lower Temperatures ~ Silver Solder Paste ~ Argentinian Sterling Silver Wire, including Fine Grade Sterling Silver~ I will be Posting my Experience or as I can put it, what I learned when using each application.

Soldering Supplies Needed & A Well OK A Bit Extra:

Pickle pot, Little Dipper™ by Crock Pot®, ceramic/metal/plastic, 4-1/4x2-1/2 inch inside diameter, 16-oz capacity ~ Used to heat Pickle Rinse to 140 Degrees.

Pickle compound, ~ A sodium acid sulfate, niter cake and sodium hydrogen sulfate, for non-ferrous metals. Sold per 2-1/2 pound pkg ~ You mix with Water, and Store in Pickle Pot for what I understand not past 2 weeks. Mix only what is Needed. Also since this is a Acid Base Product you will need to make sure you follow Proper Disposal of Such as required within your Area. {Per EPA Standards}

Copper Tongs ~ Only Copper Tongs within Pickle Rinse, any other Metal will Contaminate your Pickle Rinse. Which I understand if using to Clean and Rinse Sterling Silver the Metal and your Rinse is contaminated it will become adhered to your Metal you are cleaning! If you cross contaminate you will need to discard your Pickle Rinse and Clean Pickle Pot as well per instructions And Start again with a Clean Pot and New Pickle Mixture.

Steel Heat Resistant Tweezers with Fiber Grip.  I Love these Tweezers as they are wonderful in they have Reverse Grip. Which means you don’t have to continually apply pressure in holding the Solder Piece in place.

Self-pickling flux for soldering, boric acid, aluminum chloride and sodium tetra borate, temperature range 1100°-1700° Fahrenheit. Sold per 16-ounce bottle ~ Purchased to see the Difference with using this Self Pickling Flux as compared with using Pickle Pot.

Titanium Solder Pick ~ I chose this Set: To assign with different Metals, as these are Non Stick Titanium Pick: Also we Must always have to make sure we don’t contaminate from One Metal to Another ~ So for this, its the Perfect Set ~ red/blue/yellow, 6-1/2 inches with non-stick tips. Sold per 3-piece set

Shear, metal sheet cutter, steel, 18 gauge, cuts up to 1mm thickness, 7 inches. Sold individually.

Preparing To Solder and Items Needs to Clean After Solder

Fine steel wire brush, 8-1/4x5/8 inches. Local Hardware Store ~
Steel Files
Steel Wool
Fine Grade Sand Paper
Available in your Local Store / Car Paint Department.

Solder wire, 65% silver, easy, 0.5mm (24 gauge). Sold per pkg of 5 feet. ~

Fine Sterling Silver Wire

Argentinean Sterling Silver Wire ~ You supposedly need Little to No Flux As this Specialized Sterling Silver is Resistant, not to just Tarnish but Fire Scale ~ Will be interesting too See Results!

Silver solder paste with flux, easy flow. Sold per 1/2 ounce tube ~

Safety glasses, plastic, for use while firing with kiln and torches.

Soldering Fire block I've also chosen to use a Ceramic Tile below Soldering Block.

Micro Torch, Butane Torch ~ I purchased mine from Local Store ~ Within the Hardware Department. Refillable canisters which will be found within this Same Area or Smoking section.

Once I accomplish this step in using the Micro Torch, or Feel Comfortable enough to go Forward I will ~ Move onto Propane Torch. As I'm Taking Small Baby Steps!

NOTE: VERY IMPORTANT! ~ REMEMBER WHICH EVER TOOLS ITEMS Used for Sterling Silver You Use Only For Such!~: No Cross Contamination of Using same File Sand Paper with Another Metal as this will Cause Contamination! This Not only includes Pickle but also that of Files Sand Papers and Brushes! Also you can Only use Copper Tongs in  Pickle. No Other!

Progress Report & Pictures to Come!

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